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Frequently Asked Questions

Why statistics on the site does not coincide with the statistics in the game?

Algorithms collection statistics IL2 stats differs from statistics in-game. As a consequence of these statistics will not coincide with the game.

How is calculated the rating?

1) calculate how many scores player earns per one life - score / (dead + capture) = SD
2) calculate how many scores player earns per one hour - score / flight time = SH
3) calculate rating by formula: (SD * SH * score) / 1000

Why my profile is not displayed in the table of players?

Statistics exclude inactive players from the overall rating. By default players inactive for more than 7 days - do not participate in the rating.

I landed at the airfield, but sortie status - landing not on airfield. Why?

Landing working only on active airfield. Usually active airfield is the one where you can respawn.

What is the Fairplay Index?

Fairplay Index is an indicator of the correct behavior of the player, it affects the score.The maximum value - 100% indicates that the player does not violate the rules, a player receives a 100% score and all bonuses. If the index is less than 100%, that player gets a percentage of the score corresponding to the current index. Also, in this case, the player does not receive any bonuses.
Violations of reducing the index:
Disconnection -10%
Shotdown friendly aircraft -10%
Destroyed friendly ground target -5%
The index recovered by 5% per flying hour, if the player did not violate the rules.
The idea was borrowed from the project Bellum War.